Your little ones need a comforting bedtime routine for a good night's sleep. For parents, singing their babies to sleep each night can be a soothing grace note at the end of a hectic day. We can't always be home, but with Lullaby Karaoke we can still be there in spirit and in voice—or create a beautiful personalized lullaby play list to stream on any device that stays in your child's room.

Lullaby Karaoke allows you to record yourself singing your favorite lullabies accompanied by unique instrumental tracks in the background. Sing baby to sleep with your voice—or those of your family and friends—even from hundreds of miles away. Useful for babysitters as well, Lullaby Karaoke can help a child to fall asleep to the calming sounds of mom or dad's voice when they aren't at home.


Choose from a variety of the world’s most famous lullabies

Choose between 3 accompanying instruments for each lullaby

Share your lullaby recording with your friends and family, or send it out into the world

via Facebook and Twitter!

Create playlists, shuffle lullabies, or choose one well-loved song to play on repeat

Play the included animation along with the lullabies for extra bedtime entertainment